BPPTIK (16/04/2021) – The South Korean government, through the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), together with the BPPTIK, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, signed the handover of international grants for the development of human resources in Indonesia.

The grant is manifested in the form of developing a digital learning curriculum in various themes and updating and upgrading the facilities that have been realized by BPPTIK during the period 2018 to 2021.

“This project is one of the KOICA’s most successful projects, and BPPTIK is considered as the biggest success of mutual cooperation between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Indonesia in the field of Human Resource Development, specifically in the ITC Training. As such, the goal of this project is to provide the IT Training for Indonesian government officials and general citizens. Furthermore, we hope this project could become the best practices of ICT training and development center in the South East Asia and other countries. Through this project, BPPTIK Cikarang would continue to leverage the capacity of ICT knowledge sharing and human resources in Indonesia, and I also count on the good interactive partnership among KOICA, the Ministry of KOMINFO, and the BPPTIK Cikarang in regards of the sustainability of this project as well as the friendship Governmental cooperation between Korea and Indonesia,” said Mr. Jeong Hoe Jin, the Country Director of KOICA Indonesia Office.

Meanwhile Head Of ICT Research And Human Resources Development Agency Ministry Of Communication And Informatics Indonesia, Hary Budiarto explained that KOICA with Badan Litbang SDM Ministry of Communication and Informatics have shared the same vision in human resources development, especially for delivering trainings in ICT field and providing support for ICT facilities. The strong commitment of KOICA has given us more encouragement to improve IT human capacity development in Indonesia. Research And Human Resources Development Agency Ministry Of Communication And Informatics (Badan Litbang SDM Kominfo) have the roles and responsibilities to develop skills and competencies of Indonesian people, especially in the field of ICT, in order to improve IT competitiveness globally. This could be achieved by providing human capacity development through internationally standard IT training.

Lastly, Head Of ICT Training And Development Center, Nusirwan said that although the signing of the report will mark the end of the cooperation agreement for the RoD, we hope that it is also the sign of the new possibility of other cooperation agreement between KOICA and Badan Litbang SDM of Ministry of Communication and Informatics

For information, this grant is a continuation process of the first phase grant from the South Korean government in 2013-2017. In the first phase of the grant that was realized in 2013-2017, BPPTIK used the grant in the form of an IT Capacity Building collaboration program in 2013-2017 and held training for State Civil Servants (ASN) and the General Public. This cooperation program is also listed in the Record of Disscusion (RoD) “IT Management Support” with a grant value of 345,000 US dollars.(dfb/ars)



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